Shopping for a stainless steel sink can be a daunting task. How do you know the best sink for you and the way you need to use it?

Stainless steel sinks have different sizes and gauges. They have polished or brushed finishes. There are also different price points. With all these options, you may be wondering if price point is a marker of quality or what is the marker of quality?

Here are some key points to remember that will keep your head from swimming while choosing a stainless steel sink. Keep these things in mind when you come in to Bay Plumbing Supply to select your sink.

Quality stainless steel sinks have high chrome/nickel content. 304 grade stainless is comprised of 18% chrome and 10% nickel. This high content is what keeps the steel in stainless steel from rusting.

Gauge is another consideration in selecting a stainless steel sink. It can be a little confusing. Here's the cliff notes:

  • 20 is the thinnest
  • 18 is in the middle (and the most common)
  • 16 is the thickest

16 gauge is the newcomer to the group. It was most commonly found in commercial grade stainless steel sinks. Now some of the newer contemporary designs are made of 16 guage.

The zero radius edge and the one half radius edge need to be made from a thicker material because they are not stamped out, like their other classically designed counterparts that have a more generous radius.

Whether you choose a 16, 18 or 20 gauge stainless steel sink, you can't go wrong with it as long as it is a 304 grade stainless. This will assure that you are purchasing a high quality product that won't rust, regardless of price.