Remodeling is a huge project. It's easy to overlook something. So, once it's time to pick out your finished plumbing, here are a few helpful hints, tips and questions to ask yourself to prepare for your visit to Bay Plumbing Supply.

  1. Have a clear picture in your mind on what your completed kitchen or bathroom will look like.
  2. Cut out pictures from magazines and create a notebook with aspects of the room you like. This will help you define what style you are going for. Styles range from traditional to contemporary/modern. If perhaps you find yourself somewhere in the middle, then transitional design will work well for you.
  3. Bring with you your plans - have measurements/sizes of vanities, showers, sinks, countertops, and bath tubs handy. Selecting these items without having proper measurements will be almost impossible due to the variety of products available.
  4. What type of countertop will be used? Tile? Granite? Other?
  5. Do you have the color picked out for the countertop?
  6. The colors in surrounding materials will help you decide what finish your fixtures should be to give your room a complete and stylish look.

The sales team at Bay Plumbing Supply is here to help you select from the best plumbing supplies available. Come on in and check it out!